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My Dual app whatsapp media disappeared after editing Enable visibility

(Topic created on: 19-08-2021 12:28 AM)
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Hi Everyone,

I am in a critical situation started when I found out that I don't have any my dual whatsapp media in Gallery folder and after googling a little bit I tried to disable and enable visibility from settings >> Chats  and restarting my phone and then I could find a new whatsapp folder in my Gallery for dual app whatsapp but the problem that I cant find the old Media the storage and media in whatsapp is Empty !!!!!!!!!

Now my whatsapp data size from settings >> apps  is 5 GB

and from whatsapp >> settings >> storage ad data >> Manage  Storage is only 5 MB


Please I need help to restore the old data back to dual app whatsapp 

my phone is #S20#Dual_app