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Themes disappearing from shop but visible in reciepts?

(Topic created on: 22-09-2021 10:38 PM)
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Hello, today I traded in my old Samsung Note 10+ for a Samsung Z Fold 3 (the newest one). I have it all set up and it's great. My problem however is about my themes.

I had purchased two themes, both of which are "Virtual Singer" themes (Miku Hatsune). When I search for them in the Themes store, nothing comes up. Even if I type their names exactly how it appears (Virtual Singer: Miku in Wonderland, is one of them for example) it does not show up at all, anywhere. When I go to the creator's store page (Crypton Limited) it does not show up there either.

They do however show up in my "Reciepts" so I absolutely do own them on this account. But I cannot install them from there.

How can I access these themes? Is there a reason why I cannot apply them, or find them in the store itself, even though it shows I own them? I really loved them and want to be able to use them on my new phone!

Thank you in advance!