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My compliments :)

(Topic created on: 03-05-2020 09:19 PM)
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In the past me and many other Samsung costumers have been quite critical about Samsung's update policy. It is now a few years later so have decided to see how well Samsung has improved it and my answer is, it actually surprised me how much the policy has been improved. :face-with-tears-of-joy: 


To understand the update policy its important to know a bit of background how updates are being handled in android and Galaxy Devices. In general there are three type of updates that are important when it comes to software maintenance: 

  1. Security Patches of the Operating System
  2. Updates (Feature and Security) of system apps via the Galaxy Market and the app store. 
  3. Operating System Feature Updates

I would not worry too much about point #2 because Samsung and its partners really nailed that one. 


Actions do of course speak louder than words (Link to dutch Samsung site),  so I decided to look up the status of the updates for the older top-of-the-line devices that Samsung offers, because lets be honest - Expensive devices do of course require great software support :winking-face: 


Here are a few examples of some older devices: 


Galaxy S9

  • The device is now 3 generations old
  • The device is fully up to date with Security Updates 
  • The device is fully up to date with Android Feature updates. 


Galaxy S8

  • The device is now 4 generations old. 
  • The device is fully up to that with monthly security updates.
  • In terms of Android feature updates, the device is one version behind, but feature updates can also have an impact on performance. 

Galaxy S7

  • Device is now 5 generations old
  • Device is still being updated with security updates (Latest update: March). 
  • Device is no longer updated with feature updates. But based on my experience this is a good thing considering there would be a significant risk that the phone would become too slow if it would get more android upgrades, I do speak out of experience here considering the S7 is one of my old phones :smiling-face: 

... This is of course without the improvements of the Samsung Apps that are constantly improving in the background  

This has been a huge improvement compared to how Samsung handled its updates in the past and its clear to me that Samsung had made a lot of progress, of course there is always room for improvements but I believe that the positive development is definitely worth mentioning :smiling-face: 


n.b. This post was originally made on the Dutch community but was translated because I felt that it was worth sharing :smiling-face: One link was not updated considering I couldn't find a simular english article so I used the dutch source - My apologies if you have to use Google translate in order to understand it ^-^ 



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Great article, thanks 

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Some good news at Samsung Unpacked when we heard about of the guarantee  to offer 3 generations of Android Updates  on modern Galaxy Devices.  As expected really will not apply to all phones, Samsung confirmed guarantee applies to S,N and Z Series.   A series will receive the updates as long as hardware allows. 

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since Samsung updates my apps are not opening ..need advice ..