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Locked out after update

(Topic created on: 15-09-2023 07:03 AM)
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Hello, i've recently upgraded via my o2 Contract to a Galaxy A14 (i think, as i'll explain) its done an android update this morning and now is asking me for a password before i can get into it again. I didn't setup a password though i only setup the fingerprint ID . . . So how do i sort this?    **Note i've already fired this off as a message via the FB messenger option too but they wont be available for hours. 
Hiya ive also updated my scurity patch to September this morning and the phone asked for my password and I put that in and I'm in. So I sugest you use your password _ pin number you set up your phone that will sort you out20230903_112644_1000006478_1693736805.jpg

@Nooblet132: When you set up you Fingerprint biometrics, you would have been prompted to set up a PIN, pattern or password as part of the process. In accordance with the Android security policy, your A14 will request your backup security option under the following conditions. 

  • If you have used and unlocked the device using Biometrics including Fingerprints or Facial recognition in the past 24 hours.
  • If 4 hours pass without an additional unlock operation after unlocking your device using Fingerprints or Facial recognition.
  • If 72 hours pass after unlocking your device using a PIN, Pattern or Password while fingerprint is set as screen lock type.

This is an intended response for enhanced security of your device. Additionally, you can only use a PIN, Pattern or Password to unlock the screen after restarting the device or when you don’t use the device for more than 24 hours.

If you can't remember your password, I recommend signing in to Find My Mobile to see if you're able to remotely unlock the device from here. For further guidance, please refer to the steps in the link below.