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Latest ADB Fastboot and USB Drivers installer tool for windows

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All praise and All Thanks to God

ADB Fastboot and USB Driver installer tool for Windows, which will always install the latest version.
To update the adb fastboot and usb drivers again, just rerun the tool.

OS Requirements:
Windows 7 and above

1. Connect the phone in USB Debugging mode with MTP or File Transfer Option Selected, for Proper USB Drivers Installation [optional step, recommended]
2. Double click on Latest-ADB-Installer.bat to start the installation process.
3. Press OK in confirmation dialog shown in phone during Installation.[only required, if step1 is done]
4. After the installation, Open Command Prompt( Go to Start Menu -> Type command Prompt -> Press Enter) and you can type adb and fastboot commands there.

Note for Beginners:
Just Paste your files (twrp etc, if any) at Desktop, type 'cd desktop' (without quotes) in command prompt and press Enter and Now enter your ADB and Fastboot commands in there


Download Link:


Tool Screenshot.jpg


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