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Hide SIM contacts in Phone app and Messages app

(Topic created on: 26-05-2021 09:10 AM)
Mobile Apps & Services

I have a Samsung A41. In the Contacts app I have chosen to only show my Google contacts. Works fine there, but when I go to the Phone or Messages app, there all contacts are shown. I don't see an option to hide them there and also there only show the Google contacts (I assumed the Phone and Messages app would take over that setting from the Contacts app, but that doesn't seem to be true).

I don't want to remove those contacts from my SIM, since I want to have them there as a kind of back-up in case I lock myself out of my phone and want to put that SIM into an old fashioned cell phone.

So my question is simple: how do I hide the SIM contacts in the Phone or Messages app? Hide them in the Contacts app doesn't seem to do the trick. Thanks in advance for the advise!