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Help - Smart Switch Doesn't Transfer Everything

(Topic created on: 17-03-2023 05:16 PM)
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This is urgent as I'm about to give away my old phone. I was under the impression that Smart Switch just transfers everything, but when I opened file commander, a number of folders, some of which I created myself were not transferred. I don't even know how to transfer these. Any help would be highly appreciated!

For example, my Ankidroid folder. Why was this not transferred? Also, some folder I created for music and photos that are not in my documents or downloads. 
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Hi @Darkuser999  Smart Switch has some limitations, see information here Switch 

For  Ankidroid  an option is to use Ankiweb:

On Old device - log in - Sync -upload to Ankiweb
on New Device New device - log in -sync - download to Ankiweb

For anything else not transferred  there is the likes of Nearby Share and Bluetooth but would be  slow for large files.  May need  to do it manually via computer.  

Some other methods detailed in this article 


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