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Getting to know: Samsung Free

(Topic created on: 30-04-2021 03:54 PM)

Samsung_Free_216 (1).pngWatch. Read. Play. Samsung Free has got you covered!

You may have been already aware of Samsung Free, but if you’re like me then maybe you weren’t and have been missing out – which is why we figured we’d make a topic on it.

It’s a one-stop, entertainment centre on your Galaxy smartphone: news, instant access gaming, and premium TV content. And it’s all for, well, for free!


Swipe left to right on your Home screen, and simply tap on any of the Watch, Read, or Play tabs at the bottom of Samsung Free to dive into all the great free content that’s there.



Free access to premium TV content coming 3rd May 2021! Check out our separate topic that we have on this amazing new experience: !

To enjoy the Watch tab, go to (the opening of Watch tab may take about 24 hours since user's last visit to Samsung Free).


Keep yourself informed with all the latest news and trends!  

Simply swipe down to browse the available articles, and tap ‘More articles’ when you reach the bottom.

You can set up your preferred categories of interest to receive briefings and full original articles specific to them:

1. Tap into the 3 dot menu at the top right

2. Settings

3. Read

4. Edit categories

5. Select the categories you want and/or reorder them

Return to the Read tab, scroll down, and tap into any of the categories on the menu bar (or swipe across the bar for more categories) to find out the latest in what’s going on in, say for example, the world of ‘Entertainment’ or 'Tech'.



How about some casual gaming action? Indulge in a wide range of games, from arcades, sports games, puzzles, and more.

To play:

  1. Tap on a game
  2. It will open up in Instant Plays (Beta), and you can play it instantly.

Games played are saved in Game Launcher, where you can access them later and play exactly where you left off.


How to access Samsung Free


Swipe left to right on your Galaxy smartphone’s Home screen.


And if you’re not sure if you’ve got Samsung Free active, then activate by:


  1. Home screen
  2. Touch and hold a blank portion of the screen
  3. Swipe right to get the -1 Home page
  4. Tap the switch next to 'Samsung Free' to turn it on.

(If you’re using a Galaxy S21 or above, you can choose between Google Discover and Samsung Free in your -1 Home page, and you can have access to Samsung Free in your app tray.)



What do you guys think of Samsung Free? Any features you like, or would like to be on it in the future?

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First Poster
Just about ready to start my experience with Samsung free
First Poster
Bring back the old Samsung news, this new is absolutely rubbish you are forcing something ridiculous down people's throats it's the worst thing Samsung has ever done. Either bring back the old style or give people google news.
First Poster
Thank you I always loved Samsung phones