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Galaxy Note 10+ Screen Protector

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I recently sent my Galaxy Note 10+ for repair, when I sent the phone to my provider I had the WhiteStone screen protector on it. when I received the phone I can tell it was a brand new one. My question is this when I received my new phone it had a screen protector on it that is working better than the whitestone did. what is it? and where can I get another one? 


Is it not the one that come pre-installed on the handset from new?


I've had my Note 10+ now for about 8 months, bought direct from Samsung and still have the original factory fitted screen protector installed and except for a few very small bubbles bottom right, the screen protecter is perfect and the fingerprint reader works fine too.


Married up with the "Spigen Liquid Air" rear cover (£8.99 on Amazon), the protection is second to none, whist not making the handset overly large and ugly to look at.

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