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Do not disturb exceptions not working on all my galaxy devices......and my wife's

(Topic created on: 26-07-2023 12:31 PM)
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Its beginning to bug me now that this just doesn't work. I have a home security system with corresponding app and the notifications work great when the security cameras detect motion....all well and good. However I have a scheduled 'Do Not Disturb' period overnight and despite setting the app as an exception and given it special access in all the places I can find I don't get notifications that someone is lurking outside my property (btw its not just this particular app, I get no notification sound from any 'exceptioned' app).

All of my galaxy products do this (S21 (Android 13), Tab S7+ (Android 13) , S8 (not sure), Tab A8 (not sure)) , but only during a scheduled DND. Putting it on manually seems fine but I don't want to have to remember every night across all my devices to do this.

Yes I have contacted the app developers, they blame Android, Android then blame SAMSUNG/One UI. I am going around in circles.

Any thoughts?