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Can't see archived emails in Samsung email that are in Gmail

(Topic created on: 03-04-2024 04:40 PM)
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[Never mind.... discovered right after posting this, quite by accident, that if I click on the grayed out icon that is next to the grayed out [Gmail], it opens a list of folders, and All Mail is in there! Way to make it non-intuitive! But problem solved]

After years of using Gmail and Outlook on my various Galaxy phones, I thought I'd try the Samsung email app. I like it, except I can't see emails that I've archived in one of those other apps. I like to keep a minimal number of emails active in my inbox, and those are showing up fine. But the equivalent of the Gmail "All email" folder doesn't show up as something I can sync. There's a grayed out [Gmail] folder with an icon next to it in my All Folders list, but I can't do anything with it. On the Gmail side, the All email folder is set to Show for IMAP, and it does indeed sync for my other apps, including Apple Mail on my Mac.

Is there a way around this? Without it, Samsung email is largely useless to me. Thanks!

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OMG thank you, I was struggling with this too!!