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camera app manual

(Topic created on: 02-01-2023 10:22 PM)
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I like the samsung camera app, and i do manage to make reasonable photos with it, but I still don't really understand how I can get really good photos with it.

sometimes there are 2 circles on the screen .
sometimes a yellowish disk and a circle sometimes an horizontal white line.

Where can I find full instructions on how to use it?

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You will find the manual in Settings > Tips and user manual. The link to camera modes and settings in the  manual for S22 plus is mentioned below:

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Hi @Flintstone 

Please read the following post :

It's always good to put screenshot of what you see to help us to give the right answer. 

Full Horizontal line mean that  your device is at the level.

You can have 2 circles on the sreen for 2 reasons...In Pro Mode, you can SPLIT the circle in 2 parts, one is for the Auto Focus (AF) and the second is for the exposure (AE) "

In Photo Mode, if you have 2 wtite circle, this means that you can shoot the picture with this second shooter. If you have a yellow circle with a cursor, you can change the exposition of the picture to make it brighter or lower.

If you have 2 yellow circles in Photo Mode, this is to help you to get the better picture...When the 2 circles make only ONE, this mean that the camera think that this is the best picture you can have .

Sorry for my english, this is not my first langage.

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