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BUG: Due to Secure Folder, "Google Services Framework keeps stoppping"

(Topic created on: 28-12-2022 06:42 AM)
First Poster

Hi all, I am using SM-G8850.

One day's morning (12/25), my phone was turned off, seemingly due to 0% battery. I then charged and turned it on again. However, it started popping up a bunch of "Blah-blah-blah keeps stopping", most of the time "Google Services Framework keeps stopping", and sometimes a combo of "Calendar storage ...", "Bixby service ..." or whatnot, which never end.

From then on, my phone becomes nearly unusable due to the continuous, infinite pop-ups of such "... keeps stopping", which DoS my phone's service, making it extremely unresponsive, as well as seriously draining my battery. I can't even click nowhere ideally. On the pop-ups, there're 2 buttons, namely App info and Close app. Clicking App info of the two on the "Google Services Framework keeps stopping" pop-up redirects me to Secure Folder unlocking page, so I wonder if it's some problem related to Secure Folder inside. After I unlocked the Secure Folder, it blinks to the phone's homepage again, and pops up "Service Folder keeps stopping". I tried safe mode, wiping cache partition (recovery mode), clearing cache and data of Google Services Framework outside Secure Folder (as well as disabling it). Still, nothing changed. Since I can't get into the Secure Folder nor even its setting page, I can't make changes to anything inside (like clearing the data of the real problematic "Google Services Framework" inside Secure Folder or disabling it). It's a dead end now.

So, I wonder if there's anything to do except clearing the entire Secure Folder or even factory reset, that I can re-enter the Secure Folder with no data lost?

Thank you all!

Helping Hand
Try and flash a new System software. But make sure you flash in the mode that saves userdata. Do your own research and Do this at your own risk, its the best solution I can offer.