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Bug Android Auto / Galaxy S24

(Topic created on: a week ago)
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I own a Samsung Galaxy S24 and a Renault Mégane 4 from late 2018. 

I have since noticed an operating bug once connected in my car to the vehicle's Android Auto system: the Bluetooth connects and disconnects constantly creating repeated sound cuts, and automatic Bluetooth reconnection even if it is deactivated manually (I use a cable connection for Android Auto).

I would like to point out that my Huawei P30 had no problem with Android Auto which worked perfectly in my car. 

I find it crazy to buy the latest phone from a world leader like Samsung and to regress in terms of a feature as widespread as Android Auto... (since my move from Huawei to Samung I use my small screen of phone for GPS and bluetooth music, as if I didn't have Android Auto on my car after all, which is a bit sad, all things considered).

I of course contacted Samsung customer service who gave me advice such as "have you tried unplugging and then plugging in your Livebox?" 

In any case, if anyone has the courage to read this post and also has ideas or leads to help me resolve this problem, I am interested.T

Thanking you in advance.

 Good day.


Hi David,

It's frustrating to face such issues with a new phone, especially when a previous device worked flawlessly. Your situation with the Samsung Galaxy S24 and Renault Mégane 4's Android Auto sounds like it could be a mix of compatibility and software problems. Here are several steps and troubleshooting tips that might help resolve the issue:

### 1. **Update Software**
- **Phone OS and Apps**: Ensure your Samsung Galaxy S24 is running the latest Android version and that all apps, including Android Auto, are up-to-date.
- **Car Software**: Check if your Renault Mégane's infotainment system has any software updates available and install them if possible. This can often resolve compatibility issues.

### 2. **Check Android Auto Settings**
- **Default USB Preferences**: Go to **Settings > Connections > USB Preferences** and ensure it is set to "File Transfer/Android Auto."
- **Disable Battery Optimization**: Make sure Android Auto is not being optimized under battery settings. Go to **Settings > Apps > Android Auto > Battery** and set it to "Unrestricted."

### 3. **Reset Connections**
- **Clear Bluetooth Cache**: On your phone, go to **Settings > Apps > Bluetooth > Storage** and clear the cache and data.
- **Re-pair Bluetooth**: Forget the car's Bluetooth connection from your phone and vice versa. Then, pair them again.

### 4. **Check Cable Connection**
- **Use a Quality USB Cable**: Ensure you're using a high-quality USB cable. Some issues arise due to faulty or incompatible cables.
- **Clean USB Ports**: Inspect and clean the USB ports on both the phone and the car. Dirt or debris can disrupt the connection.

### 5. **Bluetooth Interference**
- **Disable Bluetooth Temporarily**: Since you’re using a cable, try turning off Bluetooth on your phone when connecting to Android Auto. This might prevent the constant connecting/disconnecting cycle.
- **Separate Audio**: Some car systems may use Bluetooth for audio while using the cable for data. Check your car's settings to see if there's an option to separate or disable Bluetooth audio when using Android Auto.

### 6. **Developer Settings**
- **Enable Developer Mode**: In Android Auto settings on your phone, enable developer mode by tapping the version number multiple times.
- **Change Connection Mode**: In the developer settings, you can select different connection types (e.g., "Connection via USB" only).

### 7. **Compatibility Check**
- **Samsung
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@Ethaniel-UK 4th point is the major cause of AA issues, the amount of cables I have been through since settling on Cable Matters.
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This is from another source.

I understand how frustrating this can be. Given that you’ve already tried multiple cables, it narrows down the issue to potentially being with the software or compatibility between your Samsung Galaxy S24 and the Renault Mégane 4. Here are some additional steps and considerations to try:

### Additional Solutions:

#### 1. **Disable Bluetooth Reconnection**
- **On Your Phone:** Go to *Settings > Connections > Bluetooth*, find your car's Bluetooth entry, and unpair it. Also, check for any settings that allow for automatic Bluetooth reconnection and disable them if possible.
- **In the Car’s Settings:** Access your car's infotainment settings and see if there are any options related to Bluetooth that could be causing the auto-reconnect issue.

#### 2. **Check for Specific Firmware Updates**
- Some car manufacturers release firmware updates for specific models to address compatibility issues with newer smartphones. Visit the Renault support site or contact a dealership to check if there is an update for your Mégane 4’s infotainment system.

#### 3. **Adjust Developer Settings in Android Auto**
- Access the *Developer Settings* in the Android Auto app by tapping on the version number multiple times. Once in, try enabling or disabling the “Disable Bluetooth” option to see if it makes a difference.

#### 4. **Change USB Settings on Your Phone**
- Go to *Settings > Developer options* (you may need to enable this by tapping on the *Build number* in *About phone* multiple times). Then, scroll down to *Default USB configuration* and set it to “File Transfer” or “MTP.” This can sometimes help with connection stability.

#### 5. **Use Android Auto Wireless**
- If your car supports it, try using Android Auto wirelessly. This can sometimes bypass issues with wired connections. Ensure both your phone and car’s system are updated to the latest versions to support this feature.

#### 6. **Check for Conflicting Apps**
- Some apps that manage or monitor Bluetooth connections can interfere with Android Auto. Uninstall or disable any such apps to see if the issue persists.

#### 7. **Try Safe Mode**
- Boot your phone in Safe Mode to disable third-party apps temporarily. If Android Auto works without issues in Safe Mode, the problem may be caused by one of your installed apps. To enter Safe Mode, press and hold the power button, then tap and hold “Power off” until the “Safe Mode” prompt appears. Restart your phone to exit Safe Mode.

### Specific Compatibility Considerations:
- **In-Car System Compatibility:** Ensure your car's infotainment system is fully compatible with the latest version of Android Auto. Some older car models might have issues with newer Android versions and phones.
- **Samsung-Specific Settings:** Samsung phones sometimes have additional settings or features that may affect Bluetooth and USB connections. Check for any Samsung-specific settings under *Settings > Advanced features* or *Connections*.

### Reaching Out for Specialized Support:
- **Renault Support:** Contact Renault support for assistance with your Mégane 4’s infotainment system. They might have specific advice or updates for better compatibility.
- **Samsung Support:** Since you already tried contacting Samsung, consider reaching out again with detailed information about the steps you’ve taken. They might escalate your issue for further investigation.

### Community and Forum Insights:
- **Check Online Communities:** Visit forums like the Android Auto subreddit or Samsung Community forums to see if others have experienced similar issues with the Galaxy S24 and Renault Mégane 4. You might find specific advice or solutions that worked for others.

Given the complexity of connectivity issues, it may take some trial and error to pinpoint the exact cause, but these steps should give you a better chance of resolving the issue. If the problem persists, seeking further help from specialized forums or customer support mi