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Brining Multiple Layers to Samsung Notes

(Topic created on: 07-10-2021 06:56 PM)
Mobile Apps & Services
I think that with multiple layers of note taking in a single note, the Samsung notes app can be greatly increased in functionality. These layers should be able to be toggled as desired. For reference check out the e-Ink Tablet market which already has this feature (remarkable or boox).

Furthermore, I suggest a section in the Samsung Notes app where the user can directly input new feature requests and vote on already submitted requests to show Samsung which features would improve their already great Notes app.

For anyone who agrees with me, let us push this to Samsung so that we get their attention and they realize the community wants this!
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Mobile Apps & Services

I 100% agree that layers are a needed addition for Samsung Notes right now. Despite how great it currently is, the app still needs layers to maximize the quality of the drawings you do among your notes. Besides, that way people can use it as an actual drawing app to do some fast sketches as well if they prefer to  with minimal pen latency since it offers the best collab with the s-pen.