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Blue hues on Samsung A54 256 display

(Topic created on: 17-12-2023 11:25 AM)
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Hello everyone,

I have this new Samsung A54 256GB smartphone, but there is an issue, or at least so I think. 

I chose a white background to demonstrate the issue. First of all, please ignore the diagonal lines as the camera created them. When I look at the display directly, there are no lines, but the issue is that when I tilt the screen ever so slightly, there appear some vertical blue lines. These blue lines are transparent, and I tried to capture them (look carefully, and you will see them). I am not sure if this is a normal occurrence or not. Of course, when any display is looked at from a different angle, there will be some distortion of colour and brightness but is this normal to have these vertical blue lines on my display?


Thanks in advance

I can see what you mean but to be fair most oled screens can appear off if not looked at head on unfortunately that's just one of the caveats of oled tech. As for the lines running across that's called pwm pulse width modulation most oled screens flash faster and slower to control brightness which the camera can pick up but humans can't although for some people it can cause headaches. I will say your screen is OK based on that picture.