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Audio Auto Start/Stop Running in Background

(Topic created on: 29-03-2023 05:00 AM)
I have noticed on my previous S22 Ultra and now this S23 Ultra that when I use my phone for sat nav and streaming radio from my phone to car via Bluetooth that when I get out of the car and the audio cuts off, sometimes the radio and the sat nav starts playing again on my phone in my pocket e.g whilst I'm in the queue waiting to pay for fuel so I have to manually switch off the audio

Also I have noticed that often when I get in the car, the radio starts playing even though I haven't started it. This happens also with Spotify or other audio apps I e the last thing I listened to in the house, starts to play when I get in the car even though I haven't started it.

A lot of the time the track title is in drop down my notifications with a play or pause button beside it even though the app was closed

Finally sometimes the audio track starts or continues playing even though the app is not running at all and does not show in recent apps etc so it can't be stopped. You have to remember which app it was running in when last played, so you can open the app, click stop or pause and then close the app

Has anyone else experienced this anomaly in Audio playing in the background? It looks like the app is not closing when you have finished with it

I don't think it's specific to this phone as it happened with my last phone and it happens with various apps so it isn't a specific app.

It looks like a glitch in the audio player or auto play maybe in relation to when Bluetooth is used and the phone auto connects/disconnects from Bluetooth devices

Strange one this but can be a bit of a nuisance if you forget which app you were using when you last played audio over Bluetooth e.g car or buds etc

I like the auto disconnect when I get out of car or take my buds out etc but something makes it start again un prompted by user