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Android 13 ruining Whatsapp

(Topic created on: 25-11-2022 12:10 PM)
Basically on android 12 if I wanted to send an image or video or whatever I would hit the paperclip in WhatsApp, select gallery & then I'd see a ton of folders such as camera, screen shots etc. All good.

Since the update when I do that, I am faced with a load of WhatsApp related folders. If I wanted to send a picture I just took or a screenshot then I can't do that. Not straight away. 

What I now have to do is once I hit paperclip and then gallery, I then have to hit the 3 dots top right and then hit gallery in a menu that appears. Then I can finally access the pictures in the folders on my phone including screenshot, camera etc. 

Can you make that default like it used to be on android 12? 
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I take it you have made sure the app software is upto date.
Also worth going into the phone settings
Goto about phone
Tap on software information
Then tap on the Google Play System Update. Just make sure that is updated as well.

You may need to backup your WhatsApp Chats and delete the app
Then reinstall it and restore from backup when prompted.
My WhatsApp is working as it always has after the update.
I have the Galaxy S22 Ultra
Tha ks for the reply. Yeah everything is up to date. My wife suffered the same issue as well (also Galaxy S20). Did you experience the same issue as me and it sorted itself or did you not experience this at all?

Currently not a fan of android 13. The notifications are way too large (reducing font size doesn't fix it - the bubbles and icons remain large).

Accidental touch was also way way way way oversensitive. I'd Swipe up (annoying. What was wrong with right? But OK we can still work with up) but as I go to hit the fingerprint it would do the accidental touch thing again. The only way to fix was restart my phone. I've had to disable this totally as it was ridiculous.
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same problem with my whatapp after update to android 13, also you only can send 1 pic or video at onc time , not like before you can just open gallery and click on multiple pic or vid to send at once it's very annoying if you need to send couple picture at one time to the other person on other side
Argh no way. I've just tested that out & you're right. I've also tried uninstalling & re-installing which obviously did not work for me.

Really hope they release an update to fix this. I think of my 3 complaints the only one likely to be fixed is the WhatsApp one. I doubt they'll do anything about the notification size or the accidental touch sensitivity.
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I found the fix over on reddit.

It's down to Android 13

With the new Android 13 update there is a new permission category called "Photos and videos". By default no app will be able to access your phone's gallery unless they ask for permission.

Go to the app  "Permissions" and enable Photos and videos then will be back to normal.

Thank you for the response. I think that might have solved the problem. Not fully sure yet as the layout looks a little different but I think I'm now seeing more options than before. I'll test it against my wife's phone to see if there's a difference. Thank you.
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thank you for posting the solution. it solved the problem.

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Thank you sir for ending my 2 months of suffering.