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WF80F5 washing machine - drum not turning

(Topic created on: 17-06-2024 07:17 AM)
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Morning all

My long-serving (just over 10 years) above washing machine (the WF80F5E5U4X) developed an intermittent fault after we moved house - the washing cycle starts, water enters the machine, but almost immediately after one or turn turns the drum stops and will not turn again. The motor wants to turn it, but it cannot, so it just twitches. This has now worsened to become a more regular fault.

I've calibrated the (levelled) machine a couple of times, and also previously run a test cycle but no error messages show. I will try another test cycle later to double check. I've also removed, inspected and reattached the belt, which is fine.

I've seen similar(ish) messages on the forum to this - but I am not sure it's exactly the same issue? Does anyone have any advice on troubleshooting or likely fixes? I am happy to have a go myself at anything but a little stumped on this one so far, thanks!



My machine is a brushless motor so it's not the brushes, I've inspected the motor and checked.

Ran another test cycle, everything works fine: water fills, drains and recirculates, heater relay switch comes on (and off) and the test wash cycle spins the drum in both directions. Followed this up with a spin cycle, which got to max rpm (1400) no problem.

Straight after the test cycle I tried to run an Eco Drum Clean and the same fault returned (fills with water then drum twitches/won't turn)

It does however (as per advice on some other threads), run on a wool cycle.

Would welcome any further advice on diagnostics I can run? I have a multimeter etc.