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Water dispenser not generating any water

(Topic created on: 08-08-2023 02:35 PM)
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Hi all!
I've got a samsung side-by-side, RH68B8541S9/EF, installed today (not plumbed, watertank).
At first, the water dispenser seemed to work as expected even though the water supply was very poor.
After less than an hour, the water dispenser is not working anymore. 
The water tank is filled with fresh water and seems to be correctly installed. When trying to get a glass of water, there is a noice from the water tank like it is trying to deliver some water but there is no water coming through to the dispenser.
The ice machine is still working as expected but it is for some reason not possible to get a glass of water.
Samsung support has no idea what the problem could be and suggested to send a technician.
I'd like to check in this forum first if anyone has any idea what could be wrong.
Grateful for any suggestions!