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Setting up and getting started with your Washing Machine

(Topic created on: 23-03-2020 04:08 PM)
Home Appliances

Before you begin using your washing machine to rid your clothes of dirt and stains, here is a handy guide in helping you set it up and washing your first load!


  • Take out the manual and utilities from the drum
  • Remove the transit bolts (including plug) from the back of the machine using the provided spanner and replace them with the supplied plastic bolt caps
  • Ensure the appliance is on a flat, solid floor and level the machine by adjusting the feet using the spanner. All feet must be fimly on the floor
  • Use the new hose set instead of the old one that is already in place
  • With the Valve off, connect the hose to the cold water supply and the other end to the inlet valve of your washing machine
  • Open the valve slowly to check for leaks
  • There are two ways to install the drain hose: when connecting to a spigot, the blanking cap must be removed or cut off depending on installation. When connecting to a standpipe: use the hose clip to position the hose correctly and prevent backflow
  • The drain hose must be at least 60cm above the floor
  • The standpipe must must cover the drain hose completely and no more than 150mm of the hose should be in the standpipe
  • Plug the power cord into a socket. Use an individual spur/ socket that isolates the appliance (DO NOT USE AN EXTENSION LEAD!) then move the machine into  its permanent position
  • Washing machines require a minimum clearance space (check the manual for yours)
  • Make sure the drum and dispenser trays are empty
  • Power the machine on! Calibration is required before you start using it (some models do this automatically). To do this manually, hold down 'Temp' and 'Delay End+' buttons for 3 seconds and the 'Cb' message will appear. Press 'Start' to run the calibration.
  • The  cycle will end after a few minutes and the machine will turn off so pour yourself a cuppa, you've earned it!

The following video will show you this, step by step. Happy cycling! 



Home Appliances

Great stuff! Thanks Carl!