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Samsung won’t honour registered washing machine warranty 1 year 8 months old

(Topic created on: 09-01-2024 08:20 PM)
Ripped off

I’ve just tried to use my warranty, well actually last November. My 2yr extended warranty runs out on the 08/02/24, although as soon as I initiated the warranty it disappeared and was replaced by a reduced 1yr out of warranty. Once I got through they said I need to show proof of purchase, the machine was registered on the day it arrived (after having a Samsung tv I knew the drill). I couldn’t find the original receipt so contacted the bank, who took 2 months due to their terrible customer service (M&S Bank). I eventually got the details of the company I bought it from who then sent me another receipt stating it was bought from them and when etc etc…

low and behold…it’s the wrong type of receipt, I need a vat invoice with the model code-place of purchase-date of purchase-STORE LOGO DETAILS, etc ???

How do I get round these shisters, I’ll never buy another Samsung product ever again. Absolute rip off

WTF seriously 


Hi @Ripped off ,


Those receipt details verify that it’s a legit Proof of Purchase from a legit retailer. Not saying that you’re in any way dodgy yourself, just that it’s the standard format for any Proof of Purchase asked for by Samsung for all claims made in relation to a product (warranty or promotional) and why. 


I’m a little confused by the warranty period appearing to change though. It’s 24 months standard warranty for washing machines: At a guess, going by both what you’ve said about the changing warranty period and Support asking for Proof of Purchase, that the product’s Serial Number initially generated a warranty end date that was about a year short of what you were understandably expecting. (That can happen if a product's been stuck in a warehouse/shelf for a long while or if it's secondhand for example.)