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Samsung Top loader will not turn on now after freeze.

(Topic created on: 26-01-2022 02:52 AM)
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Hello,  I had started a load on steam sanitize in my top load washer.  After a few hours, I returned to notice the timer frozen on 1:30 from the original 2:15 and it hadn't drained.  I pressed the pause button(which usually unlocks the doors) but nothing happened.  I pressed the power button and the numbers disappeared.  The door remained locked and now none of the buttons will work.  I have tried unplugging from the wall for up to an hour and turning off at the breaker to try to reset it.  I know the machine gets power because when plugged in the door-locked light flashes every 2 minutes or so for a couple of seconds.  When I plug the machine back in every time, I do hear a click-type sound.  

Any thoughts? 

my next step will be to take off the cover and look for loose connections with the locking mechanism and circuit boards.   Thanks.