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Samsung fridge RB194ACBP alarm

(Topic created on: 30-07-2021 07:10 PM)
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I have had this fridge for 11 years and it has been great. It does what it is supposed to do. Three weeks ago, the alarm started going off. I checked the door seal and it was good. I put a thermometer in the fridge and the temperature was good. I had two different technicians look at it and they found nothing wrong. Everything was good. The alarm was very intermittent. sometime it would stay off for a day and then it would be on for 24 hours. Nothing I could do would stop it. Eventually one technician felt it may be a broken wire in the door. The lights work and the fan shuts off when the door is closed yet the alarm goes off. I could turn the alarm off but a few minutes later it started again. We couldn't sleep so I finally looked for where the alarm was coming from. The alarm is a small speaker on the main board. it is on the bottom right side of the fridge in the bottom corner in a plastic box. I took out the box and opened it. I cut one of the wires to the speaker and now it is quiet. The alarm light still flashes, but i have a thermometer in the fridge so I will know if the temp on the display is accurate. This turned out to be the only way to silence the alarm. Samsung support could not provide any other solutions.