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Water drips inside ADDWASH door.

(Topic created on: 29-07-2021 09:38 PM)
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I recently bought myself a new WD90T984DSH/S1 Washer Dryer to replace my failing and pretty dead machine (Miele) and I have to say looks wise it was great. I was not so sure on the ADDWASH door idea, as I would have much preferred if it had the simple door (if only I could change the door on it). Since it was installed I have had it on a rinse cycle, spin cycle and a full 30C Wash as well as half a dry cycle. As it was washing I noticed (since the drum is not as deep as my older one) that the door did get nudged outward a few times but other than that no real issue other than the foam from the liquid.

As I went to try a DrumClean+ cycle to get any dirt and debris (lint) out of the drum I noticed that soon after that started water appeared to drip inside the door under the door of the add wash area. This really worried me a lot as I was skeptical about it but went ahead with it, I also noticed water run down the outside of the door too which was easy to wipe away. There is a thin line of water at the bottom of the main add wash door itself but not so noticeable as the bottom of the actual door, thanks to that of heat/steam/condensation looking marking and it also left a trail run down the body of the machine under the door.

I again wish this model had the option of a standard door and that this is not the sign of issues to come!

Has anyone had this issue before, or know if this will continue after the first time? Is it condensation from the dryer or just water that has sat on the add wash door for a little while. 


*Image shows water inside door and the steam/condensation as well as water trail underneath door. 

This machine was installed today by my local plumber after Currys couldn't install for very poor reasons. 

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I have just spotted exact same issue.