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Samsung Ecobubble 8kg dishwasher. Intermittent OC error and flooding.

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Hi All,


Have one of the most frustrating issues one can have with a device, an intermittent one.  We have some tenants in our downstairs flat who we passed our beloved samsung ecobubble on to.  They've been reporting intermittently seeing an OC error.  Resetting the machine clears the error and has it drain without issue.  Twice in the last 6 months this has also resulted in the drum filling until it starts leaking all over the floor.  Drain looks OK and is shared with the accompanying sink which drains without issue and puts off no funny smells.  Washing is smelling good too so doesn't seem to have any general drainage issues.  Drain filter is clear.    Struggling with this a bit because it almost sounds like some kind of logic board error, given how intermittent it is.  However because its intermittent, I don't just wanna start spending cash replacing parts only to have the issue resurface some time later.  Anyone come across anything similar or any tips?


Cheers in advance.



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