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Our washing machine WW80M645OPW IS STOPPING MID PROGRAM.


Our machine itermittatly stopping mid cycle. No errors  are displayed. It doesn't appear to be on any particular part of the wash. This happens  even on drain and spin that I try to complete the wash. Advice would be appreciated.  Its 16 months old, bought from Curry's.


Hi @Taijim 


Have you followed any of the troubleshooting steps shown on page 57 of the user manual for this issue? Have a look here.


Let us know how you get on.

The machine stops at the end of program with about  8 minutes to go. Its plugged in a  13amp socket standard fused with 30amp trip. I can't  change the water pressure it's just the main house supply. The washer is built in, not sure what is meant  "not contacting any other object".

Any more advice appreciated. 

The "not contacting any other object" would be referring to the washing machine being pressed up against something (but I'm not sure how this would cause the issue). Does this happen on all programmes? 

Yes. I thought the previous comments covered most of that.

It stops on all the programs we have tried.

Today it stopped at 43 minutes on synthetic wash. Completed wash cycle stopped on rinse. 

Tried running with no washing in it. Completed synthesis  and outdoor clothing functions with no poroblem

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