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How to install your new refrigerator

(Topic created on: 04-06-2020 10:57 AM)
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When it comes to large home appliances, installing a new one in your home it can be challenging. It's not only a matter of size, but in the case of refrigerators there are a series of precautions you need to take care of, considering the thermal exchange with the surrounding environment that these products have, and their need to stay balanced to allow refrigerating fluids to flow properly.


At the end of the day it's only a matter of installing correctly your fridge when you receive it, so let's take a look at how a proper installation should be performed. 


First of all you need to check the location suitability: to do that, you need to find

  1. A location without direct exposure to sunlight
  2. A location with level (or nearly level) flooring
  3. A location with enough space for the refrigerator, allowing the door to open and a buffer space to be kept between the back, the sides, and the walls.

To allow sufficient space to prevent overheating, you should always leave 50mm between the every side of the refrigerator and the adjacent wall, and 100mm from the top of the refrigerator to the ceiling.


After you located your designated area, it's time to install your new appliance.


  1. Attache the spacers to the back of the fridge, to ensure it will keep distance from the wall behind it, and improve its performances
  2. Push your fridge into position
  3. Level your fridge by turning its supports. Remember: if the front of the appliance is slightly higher than the rear, the door can be opened and closed more easily
  4. Check with a level that your fridge is parallel to the ground
  5. Remove all pieces of tape securing the internal trays and shelves
  6. Plug your fridge in the electrical socket
  7. Make sure the interior light comes on, meaning your fridge is powered up
  8. Set the temperature control to the coldest temperature and wait for an hour
  9. Enjoy your new fridge!


Let's see below how it's done!

Please note: Refrigerator designs shown in this video may differ depending on your region. Pleas read warnings and important safety instructions in the user manual thoroughly.




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