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Hotblast Help? Any boffins out there?

(Topic created on: 19-08-2021 08:08 PM)
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Home Appliances

I've recently bought a Samsung Combi Microwave with Hotblast.  I discovered you can't use convection oven on it's own there is only the Hotblast option. 

My problem is, there are no recipes available for Hotblast cooking, I have several traditional combination cook books using the usual convection oven, grill and microwave. So if I use the recipes and cooking instructions from those books and it says for instance convection (only) 200C for 23 minutes, what would I need to set the Hotblast to?  I realise Hotblast cooks faster than traditional convection but how many minutes would you deduct using Hotblast?

Here's an example. I wanted to cook toad in the hole last night for dinner, and didn't want to use my big fan oven, so cooked the sausages on the crusty plate, Hotblast 190C for about 10 mins. Then poured in the batter mix in and set the Hotblast to 200C for 20 mins. Expecting the yorkshire pudding batter to rise up like it does in the big fan oven but it didnt. It was stodgy and didn't rise more than a fraction. I'll be cooking yorkshire puddings and toad in the hole in the big fan oven in future because I've never had a failure with them until I used the combi on Hotblast last night. 

So if anyone who has a combi microwave with Hotblast I'd really appreciate some advice please.