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Help, I'm lost

(Topic created on: 07-02-2022 02:36 PM)

Does anyone else find the Samsung website to be completely impenetrable? I bought a Samsung oven for £600, and I'm having trouble cleaning it: but I can't find anywhere on the website where I can find someone to help me, or information on how to do it..

It might be me - but I have built my own website, and run a Youtube channel in the past. I have some technical skills. Samsung just dumps a whole load of over-the-top information and then leaves me to drown.

I tried contacting Customer Services, and they referred me ... back to the website.

I have an image in my head of Samsung being a huge robot filled with algorithms that is now incapable of communicating with humans. Any ideas how I can get in touch with a real person?

This page may be helpful to you

How to clean your Samsung oven

What is your oven model?
Do you have a manual for help
On cleaning

Thanks Steveuk - that's very kind.

It's a split-level door oven - the NV75R7676RS. It's a really good oven, and I like it.
Problem is, to clean the door (page 44 of the manual) they tell you to tie a wet tissue to a stick, push the stick into the spaces between the door glasses, and waggle it around.

They obviously haven't tried to do this: I have.  As a solution to a grease-streaked door, it just doesn't work.  And actually, it's  a  really silly idea. 

The oven wasn't cheap, which is why I tried to contact Samsung to ask thether they have a less neanderthal suggestion, preferably one that works.  That's when I got lost in the website.

But you reached out. Thank you!

Samsung Members Star ★★

Hi @SteveEl 

There is a general guide on this video from the Uk site 

I do not work for Samsung or make Samsung Products but provide independent advice and valuable contributions.

Samsung Members Star ★★

There is also this information from the e manual:

Steam cleaning
This is useful for cleaning light soiling with steaming. This function saves you time
by removing the need for regular manual cleaning.
1. Pour 400 ml (3/4 pint) of water onto the
bottom of the oven and close the oven
2. Press on the feature panel.
3. Press OK to start cleaning.
Steam cleaning runs for 26 minutes.
4. Use a dry cloth to clean inside the oven.
Do not open the door before the cycle is complete. The water inside the oven is
very hot, and it can cause a burn.
• If the oven is heavily soiled with grease, for example, after roasting or grilling,
it is recommended to remove stubborn soils manually using a cleaning agent
before activating Steam cleaning.
• Leave the oven door ajar when the cycle is complete. This is to allow the
interior enamel surface to dry thoroughly.
• If the oven is hot inside, cleaning is not activated. Wait until the oven cools
down, and try again.
• Do not pour water onto the bottom by force. Do it gently. Otherwise, the water
overflows to the front.
• The water poured onto the bottom of the oven may not completely evaporate,
this is normal.
Pyro cleaning
Pyrolytic features high temperature thermal cleaning. It burns off oily leftovers to
facilitate manual cleaning.
1. Remove all accessories including the side racks, and wipe out large pieces
of impurities manually from inside the oven. Otherwise, they may cause
flames during the cleaning cycle, resulting in fire.
2. Press twice on the feature panel.

3. Select a cleaning time from 3 levels:
1 hr 50 min, 2 hr 10 min, and 2 hr
30 min.
4. Press OK to start cleaning.
5. When complete, wait until the oven
cools down, and then wipe the door
along its edges using a wet cloth.
• Do not touch the oven because the oven becomes very hot during the cycle.
• To avoid accidents, keep children away from the oven.
• After the cycle is complete, do not power off while the cooling fan is operating
to cool the oven down.
• Once the cycle starts, the oven becomes hot inside. Then, the door will be
locked for safety. When the cycle is complete and the oven cools down, the
door will be unlocked.
• Make sure you empty the oven before cleaning. Accessories can be deformed
due to high temperatures inside the oven. 

I do not work for Samsung or make Samsung Products but provide independent advice and valuable contributions.