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Fridge freezer beyond repair - 8 months old!! SHOCKING customer service

(Topic created on: 01-02-2023 01:13 AM)
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purchased a £1200 fridge freezer in April 2022. 2 weeks ago, the freezer was no longer frozen. Called Samsung and they arranged an engineer visit but they could not come for a whole week to look at it. 

£300 worth of food ruined as it had all defrosted. Engineer came, fridge beyond repair. Compressor has a small pinhole in it or something and it has lost all its gas (into my house I assume…) 

This was Thursday last week. Tomorrow is Wednesday and I still have not gotten a phone call from “Samsung head office” and I am still without a fridge freezer. I was supposed to get one on Monday at the latest (24-48h) 

to add insult to injury, I have been offered £50 compensation for the loss of my fridge freezer contents. 

I gotta say, the communication, the quality, the ethics of Samsung as a business is shocking beyond belief. Why should I be now out of pocket because they cannot even make a fridge freezer that lasts not even a year? Absolutely disgusting. 

I’ve tried calling and all I’m told is the “alternative resolution” team will be in touch. In touch when? Next Christmas? 

it’s now gotten to the point where I would just like a refund for their faulty product and i will take my business to another company who don’t treat their customers like this. 

I will be writing a letter to trading standards and the appropriate ombudsman service for sure after this experience!