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dryer tangles everything

(Topic created on: 01-04-2023 07:59 AM)
the worst dryer
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I have to actually stand at the dryer and supervise it. every couple minutes open the ***** door and untangle things, while the stupid dinger chimes at me the whole time, letting me know the door is open. Trying to dry my nice new sheets, so I can go to bed. Hours, and they are tangled into a tight ball of wrinkled sheets. I have to constantly open door and untangle them. I have tried every setting every witch way possible to do this. I have been a housekeeper most my life, im 57 and I know how to do laundry, This is totally unacceptable for a dryer that costs almost $1000. So frustrating. Im in tears, pissed off and tired. My sheets are brand new, and they look like they came out of a garbage can, instead of a dryer. How can this product be so bad? Its amazing how far we have come on this planet, and for a company to be able to get away with making this *****, just pisses me off


Hi there, @the worst dryer. I'm sorry that you've experienced issues with your washer dryer, and it's important that you get this resolved (as I certainly wouldn't expect anyone to have this experience with one of our products).

Please can you let me know the model number for your washer dryer, what steps you have tried so far to get this issue resolved, and where you are based?

The guide below provides steps to enable you to identify your model number:

Helping Hand

can i hazard that you are in US saying 'nearly $1000' and the language used? sorry if I am wrong.

This I am predicting is a Heat Pump type dryer you have , and if so I believe the technology (due to the way heat pump technology works) is that they dont reverse tumble throughout the drying cycle do they (I have never owned a heat pump dryer so I dont know for certain) - non heat pump dryers will go in one direction then after a minute or so will stop and then go around in the reverse direction throughout the drying cycle, thus helping to stop creasing as well as tying sheets up into a ball and tangling them.

Have you tried tossing in a couple of tumble dryer balls in with the sheets to see if that would help with cutting down on tangling?