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Complaint - American Fridge Freezer noise

(Topic created on: 21-04-2023 02:08 PM)
David Midwood
First Poster

I have an American Fridge Freezer that is making a lot of noise that is just out of warranty. After my wife has made multiple contacts to Samsung all she seems to get is technical support asking the same troubleshooting steps on a muffled line that is hard to hear.

We want to claim under the consumer rights act that this product should not be making this noise so soon after purchase. We bought direct from Samsung yet Samsung don't seem to be able to comprehend that they are the retailer and therefore need to deal with this claim.

We have been told to speak to shop but seem to always end up speaking to manufacturer technical support. 

Is there anyone on here that has had a similar issue that could advise? We have even tried to raise a complaint but there does not seem to be a transparent complaints procedure and were told anything would be dealt with internally.

Any help would be appreciated as my wife is at her wits end trying to sort this on phone and email!

First Poster

Samsung are really hard work, my fridge freezer constantly runs and at todays electricity costs it ‘s just too much,

Samsung have agreed to sent someone out but I will have to pay if they can’t find a fault.

reading through this forum it’s a common problem and complaint

mine is still in warranty but you wouldn’t think so according to Samsung