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Complaining- bad customer service

(Topic created on: 09-10-2023 04:04 PM)
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i am would like to make complaint today how bard customer service I received today. I am very disappointed and very angry how I been treated. I am very disappointed with Samsung, it’s well know company and service team really bad and most of them don’t listen, acknowledge you as customers needs. They don’t know how to treat customers services correctly. Today I don’t know how many times I called and everyone one of the representatives it’s made me upsets and enough it. They promised to call you back, they don’t. When you say date they don’t listen and they keep saying it’s not when I have proof of that it’s is by email and received. Surely they don’t know what they doing. They wasted my time and in the end they asked me end the proof of purchase and email with warranty reference. Unfortunately I am still not been looked and I have been told again that one represents will call me back!!!! 

All I have asked to book in engineering because my washing machine is making noise and I don’t I understand why that noises happened? However I am in under warranty but representatives don’t know what they doing and they keep saying,  I am not warranted! Which clearly stated that I am and I have registered references number etc… “in the end lady said, ohhh yes you are but I would like to still have you’re proof of purchase and reference”. She asked to send send and I have done it, but my needs not been made and she said someone will call me to book an appointment for engineering. It’s so wasted my time all day. Like I don’t have anything to do. I hope someone read this and take action on their customer service skills. They need to employ who can understand, listen and acknowledge customers needs in order to willing to help customers.


 I am still frustrated when I am writing this email. I hope you can understand why and I hope to hear  and get booking for engineering to fix my washing machine soon as possible.


kind regards 



Hey there @z20, I'm sorry to hear that you haven't had a positive experience with booking a repair for your washing machine. Community is a platform that is mainly for Samsung users to provide support and suggestions to other users, rather than a channel for support directly from Samsung. Please reach out to our Technical Support Teams using the contact information on the following link: 


They will be able to take a further look into this for you and provide support with a repair booking. 

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I sympathise we have had a terrible time with Customer Services too

We have made 5 phone calls, been cut off twice when we requested to speak to a complaints manager and become increasingly frustrated by a system that does not seem fit for purpose

Your staff are polite but do not seem to understand our issues

On 28th February 2024 I arranged a repair of a vacuum cleaner which DPD would pick up on 29th February.  I received an email confirmation that DPD would contact us about the pick up which they never did.  We stayed in all day on 29th February but no-one arrived.

On 1st March I contacted the support centre and was given the number to contact DPD direct.  I was told that my reference number would suffice.  When I contacted DPD I was told that my reference number was not recognised and I needed a parcel number but the agent kindly also checked by my postcode and did not find any pick up scheduled for the whole week.  I was told to contact the support centre at Samsung again, which I did

We have made a number of calls to the support centre to try to arrange a resolution to this problem and become increasingly frustrated.  I was told to contact DPD again which I declined to do, been cut off twice when we requested to speak to the complaints department.  We were promised a call-back if we were cut off but that has not happened.  We still have a vacuum that has no collection date and cannot be used

The online system cannot deal with this type of problem and the call centre also seems unable to do so. so the customer service system is not fit for purpose in this area