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Broken Outer Drum drum on a Samsung BubbleWash and Poor Customer Service

(Topic created on: 20-06-2024 07:01 AM)
First Poster

I am writing to share my highly frustrating and disappointing experience with the Samsung BubbleWash washing machine and the subsequent poor customer service from both Samsung and Harvey Norman Australia.

I recently purchased a brand new Samsung BubbleWash washing machine from Harvey Norman, excited about its advanced features and promising performance. However, my excitement quickly turned into a nightmare. A few months into using the machine, the outer plastic drum shattered during a normal wash cycle, causing water to flood my entire house. The damage was extensive and caused significant inconvenience and stress. It's worth noting that the machine was only 10 months old when this happened

Seeking assistance, I contacted Harvey Norman, who arranged for a Samsung technician to inspect the machine. To my utter disbelief, the technician reported back to Harvey Norman that the damage was due to misuse and therefore, the warranty would not cover the repair or replacement. At no point did anyone explain how exactly I had misused the machine. I followed all the guidelines provided in the manual and used the machine as any regular user would.

It is incredibly frustrating that a high-end product like the Samsung BubbleWash could fail so catastrophically and then be blamed on the consumer without any substantial explanation or evidence. Moreover, the lack of accountability and transparency from both Samsung and Harvey Norman is appalling. I expected much better from two reputable companies.

This experience has not only left me with an unrepairable appliance but also with a massive clean-up and repair bill for the water damage to my home. I feel let down and deceived, and I urge other potential buyers to be wary of these issues. Customer support and product reliability should be top priorities for any brand, and sadly, both Samsung and Harvey Norman have failed in this regard.

I am now left with no choice but to escalate this matter further and seek legal advice if necessary. I hope this review serves as a cautionary tale for others considering purchasing a Samsung appliance or dealing with Harvey Norman.