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ZFold4 has black screen when I open it (and possible UI app issue?)

(Topic created on: 02-04-2024 08:52 PM)
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Can anyone help? 

This morning when I opened my Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 4, it has black screen on the inside screen (the outer screen is still working).

Whilst turning it on and off, I have had a message that the UI app is not working. I dont know if this is connected.

I've followed various options suggested online: Cleared cache's; Restart using the power and volume button; I can't get to the UI app reboot from the instructions I've found. ANY SUGGESTIONS PLEASE?????

As an aside, and I dont know if this is connected, I cant get the screen flat when I open it anymore. I suspect sand has got into the central spine.

Thank-you to anyone who answers 🙏

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Hello @LilSwifty 

If you believe sand has managed to get inside the phone causing the issue ,and stopping the hinge from working as it should, then your next stop would be to contact Samsung Support  / arrange a Repair. 

A Samsung Experience Store maybe be able to help in-house if you have one local to you. 

They'll assess the phone and provide a Repair cost. 

If you have to send the phone away then do take time and stamped photo's of the phone to shiw it's current aesthetic condition. And if the water indicator can be seen in the sim card tray then take one if that too.

Send the phone well packaged with adequate postal in-transit insurance. 

If I can be of any further help then please don't hesitate to ask.  😎 

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My phone made a crack sound when I opened it it's fold 4 it's not two yet but originally a black line appeared in screen but touch was not working and then screen has gone blank is this a fault as I'm seeing posts on here with same scenario as mine. I've ordered a refurbish fold 5 as don't want to be left with nothing as so used to big screen I'm just wondering will this b classed as warranty issue as I'm an hour's drive from nearest Samsung center or will it b better insurance claim thanks if anyone reading can help me out