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Zflip not functioning without charging ON

(Topic created on: 28-07-2022 10:12 AM)
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Samsung is turning out to be a ruthless, cold blooded company when it comes in terms of resolving customer grievances.

Resently my Zflip started malfunctioning and when enquired at an Authorised service centre, they quote around 40K INR for screen change. Could easily afford a flagship at that price.

What Samsung need to understand, which I hope they do and act upon is that majority of the Flip phones are turning out to be Flops or disaster within a short run and inhibits an inherent technolgy/ hardware issue spread across all iterations of the Flip phone.

Samsung here need to take a leaf out of Apple by reaching at the customers agony by recalling or replacing the faulty units or screen free of cost, without any warranty limit.

Instead they are doing just the reverse just by pushing every fault on the customer, to add to his grievances of trusting and choosing SAMSUNG.

Let me warn Samasung severely here that such a narrow minded unprofessional approach would take the customers away swiftly in this highly competitive market and that would lead to your downfall.

No matter how big a company you are, how much technically equipped you are, how much a range of products you have, this is bound to happen soon until and unless Samsung wakes up to support its customers

Let me conclude by putting across my take on Samsung.:

I stepped into Samsung mainly to counter the invasion of Chinese products into the Indian market.

Currently own a range of Samsung products which includes flagship phones and Tabs. 

Recently I became very much upset on their attitudes towards mobile customers, especially on their stance on the flopping FLIP SERIES where they introduced a new but instable and brittle technology taking high price from the customer and instead of owning the issues, they brutelessly try to push it on to the customer, to add to their woes and wounds.

Such type of autrocity cannot be accepted and any level in the society and hence I have decided to move out of Samsung.

I have also started to advice my family members, friend circle and community to move away from Samsung based on my experience on Zflip


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100% agree