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ZFlip 5 Screen protector Crease

(Topic created on: 22-03-2024 04:17 PM)
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I purchased my phone in August 2023. Moved from Google and never ever getting a Samsung again! 
Over the past 6-7 months, I've had to get my screen protector replaced 3-4 times. Every few weeks a bubble starts on right corner just above the fold line and in then a day or 2 it spreads across the entire width of the phone above the fold. the crease interferes with the visibility of the screen as well as the feel/touch. I don't have extended warranty on the phone but so far I haven't been charged because one screen protector replace in year 1 is free and then new screen protector itself has a 3 month warranty. However, the process is a huge waste of time and annoying and about half a day goes away. 

Is any one else having this issue? What was the resolution? 

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It's strange how some are getting this issue and yet a couple of friends of mine are still with the original one with no issues.
Similar with the Z Fold 5. I still have the original protector on mine.

Wonder if it just comes down to how someone closes the phone. Or something like hand creams can affect the plastic protector.
Something for the technicians back in the testing labs in Korea

Maybe provide feedback via the support section on the Members App. The more that do the better really.

Must be very frustrating and inconvenient for you to have to keep sorting it out.

Only precautions I do, is regularly clean the screen. I leave the phone open when charging it. I also never press the screen to close the phone I have. So far that seems to be good for my Z Fold 5
I used to push on the screen to close my old Z Fold 3, and the protector was just starting to lift at the bottom edge. Hence why I don't now
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Lucky if you get 9 mths from the factory fitted one, but I'd say its cheap, get a Whitestone DIY, even I can, it's so much better.
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My flip3 screen protector was fine for 18 months then I started wireless charging with the phone open.
Within a week the screen protector started bubbling.It sounds strange but the phones instructions tell you to wirelessly charge with the screen folded.
I took the protector off and have went 'bare back' ever since without a problem over a year ago.