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Z3 Flip Battery

(Topic created on: 04-02-2022 12:40 AM)
I recently upgraded my phone from an iphone 11 to the Samsung Flip3 5G, and I've noticed my battery doesn't last long at all. I've gone through all my settings and changed background usage for apps etc, I don't have my screen bright and even on power saving mode the battery dies ridiculously quick.
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Hi @m570 


Depending on how long you've owned the phone it's battery will be new and will reach it's optimum output after a few discharges and re charges of the battery.

Also take into consideration that your using it more than usual to set it up and play with the functions to learn your way around it.

Also your phone's battery may still be in it's learning phase i.e learning your usage.

It typically takes around a week for this learning stage.

You can check in Device Care under battery what is using your battery which then means you can potentially adjust an app or remove it etc and or clear it's cache in settings,  Apps, choose the app, storage, clear cache.

You can clear the entire phones system cache files which wont delete any of your personal data.

See > You may need to hook up to a Computer or insert your earphones to enter into recovery mode. 

There are lots of battery saving tips and guides if you would like to perform a forum search , Google Search and have a look on YouTube.

Here are some.....

  • Use a dark wallpaper.
  • Use Dark Mode.
  • Reduce Screen Time out to 2 minutes.
  • Look at what's syncing i.e email etc and adjust those. 
  • In settings , connections, more connection settings turn off nearby scanning.
  • Consider changing the refresh rate to 60hz in settings, display, motion smoothness.
  • Apps such as Facebook use lots of battery due to how it updates etc so personally I uninstall Facebook app and access it instead via my phone's url bar.
  • Chrome in my experience uses quite a lot of battery so I disable that and use Samsung Internet instead.
  • Reduce the screen brightness to just slightly less than 50% and turn off adaptive brightness.

To add I buy a phone to use it's features and functions so try to not to turn off as much as I can or what's the point of owning a phone can perform these tasks etc !

I also turn off the battery % indicator in the phone's status bar so I'm not always drawn to watching it and worrying. 

I also carry round a light power bank just incase I need a boost for my Fold ³ however I've only used it a small number of times.

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I have the same phone and had the same draining issue but I have had the phone over a month now and I can easily get through the day with it.
Thank you, I've watched YouTube videos of other users who have downloaded what you've nentionef above. I got my phone on Sunday 30th January. I've got it in dark mode, use a dark wallpaper etc.
Thank you though 🙂