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(Topic created on: 30-12-2022 05:38 AM)
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Galaxy Z Fold | Z Flip
I'm very unhappy with samsung as sins I got my z4flip I haven't bin able to clame my ear buds that I was meant to get when I got my phone well I HAVENT GOT THEM as I go to where I'm ment to but then I get sent to a different site then from that one iv rang samsung 12 times now and all that happens is I get passed around left right and senter I suffer with angsiatey and my stress levels are going through the rood all I want is HELP TO GET MY EAR BUDS THAT WHERE MENT TO COME WITH MY PHONE  but yet still no earbuds 
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Galaxy Z Fold | Z Flip
A unhappy bunny 🐰
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Galaxy Z Fold | Z Flip

Hi @jleeeeezeeee 

I'm sorry to hear your experiencing issues.

I appreciate that this is frustrating you. 😔 

Did you buy direct from Samsung or was this purchased via a Network or Independent company may I ask ?

A person needs to claim a promotional item within eligibility dates that the offer starts and ends, and typically within 60 days of the purchase date.

This is one link from a previous similar offer > 

Can you provide the link your using to create the claim.

Also sometimes when people have had issues using the eligible link then clearing their browser cookies and history can help along with using another browser and or going into incognito  / Secret Mode can help.

When you rang Samsung what did they say and who have they passed you around to ?

This type of detailed information gives us a handle on what Samsung Support have done thus far. 

You could also try getting some help by contacting the Promotions Team.

Samsung Promotional Team
Call us at 0333 016 4427

If you purchased via the Samsung Online Team they are contactable by....

Samsung Online Shop Team.
0330 726 7467
e :

Obviously if your not Uk based then you may need to source the correct contact details yourself.

If you perform a forum search you'll find threads of a similar nature that may also hold some good advice.

I wish you all the best.

If I can be of any further help then please don't hesitate. Take care.  😎 


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