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The Future Changes Shape: Express Yourself with Galaxy Z Flip

(Topic created on: 11-02-2020 04:06 PM)

In 2019 Samsung broke new ground with the Galaxy Fold. In 2020 we're adding to the foldable story with the Galaxy Z Flip!




So let's start with some Q&A type stuff!


Why a  "Z" in this case and not "Fold 2" or "Fold Vertical"?


A new naming convention has been adopted for the foldables to show our commitment to expanding the category to offer a variety of experiences. It was felt that "Z" intuitively communicates the idea of a fold while delivering dynamic, youthful feel.


Why the clamshell design?


Galaxy Z Flip’s compact, stylish design is created for those who see technology as a way to express themselves.


With its forward-folding design, it's our first foldable device designed for a convenient one-handed experience. When closed, Galaxy Z Flip is a stylish, compact, palm-sized device; and when opened, its screen size nearly doubles.


Is it true that it has a folding glass display?


Yes. Galaxy Z Flip features an Infinity Flex Display with Samsung Ultra Thin Glass (UTG) to deliver a sleek, premium look and feel and clear, immersive viewing experience.


(Oh, and beyond the folding glass, it has a 6.7-inch Dynamic AMOLED display featuring a 21.9:9 aspect ratio. Glass on the front is Gorilla Glass 6.)


Aren't hinges a little, well, a little unsightly and can get dusty and dirty?


What?! There can be beauty in all sorts of things!


But as it happens, for the Galaxy Z Flip, Samsung invented new, micro-height-cutting technology to help design a Hideaway Hinge system—meticulously-crafted and our smallest hinge yet. Featuring:


  • Dual CAM mechanism: small but sophisticatedly designed to ensure folding is stable and smooth.
  • Freestop folding experience: so it can stay open at a range of points from open to close—just like a laptop.
  • Samsung’s proprietary sweeper technology: uses nylon fibers crafted by micro-height-cutting technology to repel dirt and dust.


Freestop Folding: what can we do with that?


It enables a whole whole new mobile experience: Flex mode!  It automatically splits the display into two 4-inch screens when free-standing, so you can view content on the top half and control on the bottom. And, of course you can use it hands-free!


What are the camera specs and setup?


The bare numbers for the Galaxy Z Flip cameras:


Front Camera: 10MP Selfie Camera: F2.4 ; Pixel size: 1.22μm; FOV: 80˚

Rear Dual Camera:

  • 12MP Ultra Wide Camera: F2.2; Pixel size: 1.12μm; FOV: 123˚
  • 12MP Wide-angle Camera: Super Speed Dual Pixel AF, OIS, F1.8
    Pixel size: 1.4μm; FOV: 78˚; OIS (Optical Image Stabilisation); up to 8x digital zoom
    HDR10+ recording; Tracking AF

Some camera feature highlights:


  • Work various angles using the freestop folding system to capture the best photo or video – shoot the perfect selfies from various angles you want, with less effort, and capture all your travel adventures, without lugging around a tripod or relying on an unstable surface.
  • Low light? No problem. With Galaxy Z Flip’s freestop folding mechanism, you can create stunning Night Hyperlapse videos or more vivid low light shots with Night mode. Just open your device and place it on a table – no flash, no tripod needed.
  • Enjoy seamless video recording with front camera at almost any angle with a new 16:9 ratio that’s ideal for uploading content to YouTube.


Does it have an outer screen like the Fold?


The Galaxy Z Flip has a small 'cover screen' to show the time, date, and battery status - although you can swipe right for Notifications and left for Music controls on it. (Can we call it a 'cute' screen?)


Does it have two batteries like the Fold?


The Galazy Z Flip has a 3300mAh optimised dual battery system that holds more power without taking up more space. It supports 15W fast charging


Can it be charged wirelessly?


The Galaxy Z Flip has wireless quick charge (12W), plus it has Wireless PowerShare, so you can charge your Wearables such as Galaxy Buds, Galaxy Watch, or even a friend's device.


Single or dual SIM? 4G or 5G?


The Galaxy Z Flip is single SIM only - although eSIM is also supported.


4G only.


Does it have a fingerprint sensor?


Yes.  The Galaxy Z Flip has a capacitive fingerprint sensor on the side.


What's the memory size? And does it support a microSD Card?


The Galaxy Z Flip comes with 8GB RAM and 256GB internal storage. MicroSd Cards are not supported.




There's more to talk about! But what do you want to know about the Galaxy Z Flip? Ask away - and we'll update this post for you all!

Samsung Members Star ★★

Whilst not in the market at the moment, Z Flip certainly seems pretty impressive- hopefully there will be too many issues for customers-should be thoroughly tested. Stability obviously important and so let's hope the folding  mechanism is all that is envisaged.   The Flex mode will undoubtably be cool  :smiling-face: Certainly being able to take photos and videos at any angle with this device would be amazing and seems to be user friendly. Thought I'd link the Tom Browne Edition 


Video showing comparison with Galaxy Fold-  16 minutes (hope that is ok)



I do not work for Samsung or make Samsung Products but provide independent advice and valuable contributions.


I have had my chance to play with them and Galaxy Flip Z is indeed very impressive. It was hard to believe than the screen was actually glass until I felt it. 


The little selfie-screen when the Flip is Folded is also insane. You don't see it when its not used but when you need it... Its there. Pure genius!