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Second #Galaxy Flip 4 in less than a year. Hinge failure again!

(Topic created on: 09-04-2023 05:08 PM)
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How is it possible that a newly replaced Galaxy Flip 4 can AGAIN have a hinge failure?  Durability/reliability is definitely not a feature of this phone.  A smartphone is an essential part of daily life - both personal and professional.   I wrongly assumed a smaller foldable phone would be a plus to protect the screen.  The irony is that I have NEVER changed a normal smartphone because of damage or unreliability.  They were robust and took the knocks of normal daily life. In less than a year I have found myself with a phone that will only open at 90 degrees, TWICE!!!  No hard drops, no extreme use.  So now what?  Go through the whole process of trying to convince Samsung the hinge jamming isn't through abuse of the phone?  A MOBILE phone is for MOBILE use and must be durable enough to manage MOBILITY.

How to proceed?  


Same issue here anthis is 2nd phn 1st one they claim wasn't under warranty an I had to so a claim here it is less than. 6months an the same issue , do you know if a class action lawsuit has been start for the flip 4

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Hi @Members_3Foa84I 

I have the Fold³ and this hasn't suffered this type of issue which I appreciate is a different phone and hinge system to yours.

It sounds to me that you've been extremely unfortunate in having two phone's that have developed the same issues.

Millions of these phone's will have been sold globally so if their was an issue over the hinge system I would have expected to see the forum and other sites flooded and media sites with people experiencing these issues.

I have two work colleagues who both have owned the Samsung Flip⁴ for a good while now and the hinge system is still going strong.

Unfortunately hardware and software can and will fail 😕 

 I think your aware that you'll need to re contact the same department to register the issue and have the phone dealt with.

I wish you all the best with this.

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I am on my third Flip 4.  Got my first last October, and the screen popped out within a month.  That service provider make me buy the phone outright and stopped my service, saying I broke the phone.  Changed service providers and tried again for the same phone.  It also broke within a month, the hinge began to click and before I knew it the screen separated from the corner fold.  Took to service provider that didnt know what to do, Samsung told me to go to Asurion, which told me they wouldnt repair.  Two months of phone calls to Samsung, going back and forth to provider and Asurion, to finally be told they would honor my warranty.  Sent the phone to Samsung, where they then denied coverage and sent phone back to me.  I sent back to Samsung and paid $300 dollars to have repaired.  I was sent a "new/refurbished" phone which broke within a week.  Knowing I am just going to have to pay to replace it again, instead of Samsung admitting there is an issue with the phone, it is now a paper weight that rings, which I make monthly payments on.  This is my work phone and sits at my desk.