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second bad z flip. Horrible customer service

(Topic created on: 30-10-2023 08:26 PM)
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Contact with Samsung:

After spending most of the day on hold or with someone with so much static on the line that I could hardly hear her. 45 min on hold while she "connected me with a supervisor" who she said would call me back "within the hours. Ans of course never called. We bought the fold z5 e Sept 2021. Last July, or so, 2023 it started Bleeding black stuff across the screen. It quickly covered the home screen and the touch wouldn't work. It was out of warranty but I had bought the insurance offered by AT+T. I had to pay $275 detectable for the replacement phone which came refurbished. That phone is now 2 months old and the awful black line is forming again. I panicked and immediately called ATT 's insurance. They said the the 1 year warranty wouldn't apply and that I could pay the $275 detectable again. I can't keep doing that every two months! There is no other damage to the phone. They said to call Samsung that this was a defect and well known to Samsung.

I have been a loyal customer for years. Is there a lawsuit in the works? If not there should be. I'm disappointed that Samsung doesn't stand by there products anymore.


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Couple of things

1. This is the UK site.

2. The ZFold5 wasn't available in 2021.
3. Your post is titled Flip but the narrative says Fold.

Can you edit your post and submit on the US Forum?
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Hi @Carmelite1 

If it's at&t that applied the insurance then it's them that would need to help within the insurance policy terms and conditions. 

I appreciate your fed up at having to pay the excess fee but as with most insurances this is the case. 

Ask about not being supplied with a refurbished phone. 

If they have told you the phone has a defect then surely as the merchant they have a Duty of Care to resolve this with you. 🤔

Another option is to get this resolved and perhaps sell the phone to help accrue disposable income to buy a newer model. 

As mentioned you've posted on the Uk Samsung Community Forum section ,and as much as we'll help as best as possible your own countries Consumer Rights and Laws maybe different to our own. 

If I can be of any further help then please don't hesitate. Take care.  😎 

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The fold 4 has a 12 month warranty
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It is a 24 month warranty if you are in the U.K. & Europe. See...

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