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Samsung z fold 4 outer screen not working.

(Topic created on: 28-09-2023 12:39 AM)
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Hello I have had my galaxy z fold 4 for nine months now and an issue has developed with the outer screen. When I press the side button to turn the screen on it won't always come on straight away and I have to keep constantly pressing the side button and eventually it comes back on. I have sent it back to Samsung where they are supposed to be repairing it. DPD picked it up on the 26th September and the latest update I keep getting is that it arrived safely at the service centre. I was wondering if anyone has had the same issue and if they have had to send their phone back to Samsung and if they did send it back to be repaired how long can I expect to wait before I get mine back. Thank you.
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I think you chosen the right avenue which was to let Samsung have hands on with your phone @markw49 

In regards to timescales for repair this can depend on how many jobs to repair other devices are before yours,  engineer availability,  parts availability if needed, and the nature of any needed repair. 

I hope you get your phone back as fast as possible. 

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