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Samsung Plus Support Unavailable and Fold4 Issues

(Topic created on: 26-11-2022 03:54 PM)
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My issue is that my Fold 4 since I first got it, will not accept wifi calling. I have gone through every solution AT&T has made available and I have had easily half a dozen updates since getting the phone, I simply cannot activate wifi calling. I confirmed with AT&T it is a supported feature, plus my old phone used it fine, but when I try to activate it there is just infinite loading but nothing happens. 

I have Samsung Plus which I got specifically for this phone given some of the horror stories I heard about Fold 3, but after setting up to be called back when it is my turn next in the queue as the wait time was estimated to be 18 minutes, I got the call back nearly a half hour later and still waited anyway over 20 minutes and then was disconnected. Apparently, this is normal and getting ahold of any support for Samsung is very difficult from what I found here and on reddit. 

Anyone know the solution on either how to fix the phone or how to get in contact with someone for support on it?

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This is the EU, European, section of the forums and deals with the international Z Fold4, F936B, model.

You may receive more help in the U.S.A. forums that deal with the U.S.A. Fold4 devices, F936U/F936U1, and U.S. carriers.


My device... Galaxy Z Fold5 5G 12/512GB (G946B D/S) CSC EUX. Android 14. One UI 6.1
Hello @joshbull623, I had the same issue. My resolution was:-
1. Obtain a new physical sim from service provider, it no longer worked on esim.
2. Replaced current physical sim with new one.
3. Service provider did "Sim Swap", I could do that online with new physical sim. Kept same number.
3. Arranged with Service Provider Technical Support to resend Wi Fi Calling settings to my phone. Make sure it is Tecnical Support not their First Line Support. Make sure they have your correct phone Make and model.

Good luck.