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Repair centre damages z fold 3 to void warranty

(Topic created on: 10-01-2023 03:05 PM)
The inner screen of the Samsung z3 Fold appeared with a think black line straight through the middle of the hand set and within 1 day it was a thick black line, inner screen stopped functioning and had bubbles appearing on the screen protector. I called Samsung customer repair centre and they issued a repair number, and the phone was collected. So far the experience was good (as expected). 

However a few days later I received a call stating the phone was out of warranty due the damage on the hinge and wanted to invoice me with a bill for over £500 to repair it. What's estonishing, ever since I bought the phone was covered with a shatter proof protection case covering the entire outer layer of the phone especially the hinge area (photos of which was provided), so it's virtually impossible for any damage to have occured . But they then return the phone back to me with the damage to the side and said we can't do anything about this. The matter was then escalated to the senior management and their response was its not the engineers fault and accused me of damaging the phone. I’m disappointed with the service received, I sent the phone in near perfect condition except the issue with the screen and received the phone with scratches at the bottom corner of the phone. When asked about this i was then accused of damaging the phone myself as "it was not the courier nor the service centre's fault" so when asked who’s fault was it? the response received was a repeat of it wasn’t the service centre or the couriers. 

I shouldn’t have to mention this but I have been a loyal customer of Samsung Phone since Samsung Note 2 back in 2012 and never once did i complain about the phone as i didn’t have too, however when an issue did arise i.e. the screen on the Samsung fold i was accused of damaging the phone myself despite having the phone protect from all angles as it can see from the images sent to them

The phone cover was never removed ever since the phone was purchased (the original QR code sticker is still in perfect condition placed at the back of the phone ever since it was first bought!) 

So now I have a phone with a screen doesn't work and damage to the hinge caused by their repair centre and apparently the matter has been escalated to the highest level and they now consider the matter closed

Hi that's samsung at it's very best anything you send back for repair comes with a cost samsung don't care about you as a customer all they want is your money and the company they use is a total ripoff and they only warranty things for 3 months when I got something repaired and then it was faulty about 4 months later best thing to do is change phone companies from samsung I have had samsung phones for many years still using samsung l have the s20 ultra 5g got may 2020 touch wood never had a problem just ready some comments from cookers to washing machine and tv's as well if this phone breaks down I will get another from some other company thanks
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When I'm discussing with a person the route of sending off a phone to be assessed I always advise to take time and dated stamped pictures of the phone with one of it turned on.

This is to be able to show proof of the aesthetic condition of the phone before sending the phone Off as unfortunately damage can occur in transit and I'm sure accidents can happen at the service centres.

I see you did this @nageab  but were they time and date stamped too ?

The best avenue I feel is to visit a Samsung Service Centre if one is local instead of sending off rhe phone.

On my own Fold³ the inner screen protector delaminated meaning there was a black line up the centre crease and then bubbles started to appear.

In my instance I carefully peeled the factory fitted screen protector away which does not invalidate the warranty however the caveat is that if the screen is damaged in the process of removing the screen protector then the warranty is voided.

The display was fine underneath. 

I left the in-transit plastic protector on my hinge too.

Sometimes with cases if some grit / debris works it's way under the case then this can cause mico scratches. 

I'm not saying this was the scenario in your instance. 

What damage is to the hinge ? Can you upload a screenshot please ?

Even though you've already escalated this there isn't anything stopping you from asking for your case to be looked at at a higher level. 

i.e Not the Service Centre Department but instead Samsungs Complaint Department.

Maybe also look at any relevant insurance you may have i.e Home Contents insurance [ I appreciate you shouldn't have to ]

Are you in the UK ?

If I can be of any further help then please don't hesitate. Take care.  😎 



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My husband and myself also have this problem, we only got our phones last April and we would like to change to different phones as it seems to be all horror stories about these phones, we've always gone for Samsung phones but this experience has put us off.
I have a screen with cracks now appearing down the fold! This is simply due to normal use. I have heard plenty of story's about Sammy not honouring the replacement of the screen if they find any imperfections on the entirety of the phone! Seems like a get out of paying excuse to me! I've been a loyal Samsung customer from the S5 and I even had the original Note. I'm now NEVER going to buy another Samsung phone.

Seems like a mass level neglect/scam going on.  My Z Fold 3 had exactly the same thing happen.   

To off, the Wifi and Bluetooth qere working, as oer small front screen when.I semt in for repair w authorized vendor of Samsung-UbreakIFixit.    They changed the screen.  Them the WifFi/Bluetooth didnt work.  The WifiBluetooth cable is right by the hinge.   I took bacl and they claim theres no problem.  If there is, its the "motherboard".  Obviously they qere clueless or intentional.about the WifiBluetooth cable during the repair process.       To be fair, it happened right at the time.of the One UI 5 update in April, 2023.  Which is another problwm bc a lot of people had their Wifi and Bluetooth wiped out (look at other Samsung forum threads) amd Samsung pleaded ignorance of any of this and has been silent.     Service is bad.   Support is almost nonexistent.   They sure make a lot of momey off charging $600 for a new screen, which sounds to me like the Note Fire-gate of yesteryear.  I think this problem is gettimg bigger and bigger.