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Please bring back recent apps - why this will be my last samsung phone.

(Topic created on: 17-05-2022 03:23 PM)


I have a zFlip3.  I appreciated the recent apps functionality, where I could easily view all my currently open apps as well as my 4 most recently closed or frequently used apps.  This was incredibly useful.  An update recently destroyed this feature and now i get 4 "Recommended" apps pushed at me.  I am already annoyed that I can't uninstall these apps (all made by samsung, and replacing them as the default apps is literally the first thing I did on my phone) - so this makes me angry at the Samsung brand every time I hit the 3 bar hamburger to app switch.

This has been a final straw for me.  I think my Flip will be my last samsung phone. 

My S8 and S9 were the best, from the payments on it to the phone itself.  Everything about my experience around the flip sucks - sure it's a cool phone, but from buying it to using it, I feel like Samsung is smacking me around and laughing at me. 

The purchase process was a nightmare compared to when I bought my s9.  TD Bank Financing is a terrible service, with a terrible site, and predatory practices. 

I never got sent a shipping label, let alone a box, to send in my old phone for the exchange program, so I lost the rebate for it which was the only reason I bought through samsung in the first place.  Worse, there was no one I could contact listed in the email telling me as much.  So there I was waiting for the box to ship them my phone, nothing came, and then I got a big bill with no clear way to tell someone they never sent me anything to use to make the exchange.  I can't help but feel that Samsung didn't want me to be able to exchange my phone for the credit and they intentionally made it hard.  

I was unable to set up my payments for the TD financing when I bought the phone, I had to wait for the phone to arrive, and then even longer for TD financing to send me the information to access my account...The post mark on the first bill was after the due date of the first payment, by the way.

Samsung has made it very clear they don't my business moving forward.  

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The recent apps problem affected other devices which was resolved by an update. I daresay you can expect one to follow.
Can't comment on TD bank since this is the European forum and I believe TD bank is Canadian.
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I have this problem since last update which was a few days ago, my recent apps are not working properly