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Leaving Samsung. The latest advertising of Samsung how stupid it is.

(Topic created on: 01-08-2023 07:33 PM)

The latest advertising of Samsung Z fold it makes me feel embarrassed to have a Samsung phone.  Seriously Samsung did iPhone suggest this ad for you so you can loose customers. Shame on you.  Is time to change to a different phone. Being with Samsung 20+ years am a sssshhhaaammmmeee to haaaaavvvveeee aaa sssaaaaaaaaammmsung phooonnee

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@GeoPan  Thanks for your input,  ads can generate mixed views and strong opinion though some can be superficial.  . Whilst advertising influences people do not think    would one of my top priorities in deciding the best mobile for me.    There must have been a reason you were loyal to Samsung for so long, obviously up to you though.  As a matter of interest is there a particular competitor you are interested in?

I do not work for Samsung or make Samsung Products but provide independent advice and valuable contributions.

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An advert????

Advertising comes in many forms and is designed to catch attention
Wether it's good or bad
The Samsung Advertising is not to my taste personally
But it's far better than some out there. Typically perfume and aftershave Advertising

The fact it's possibly annoying you means it's working as you are thinking about the Brand

The Advertising I see most is the Z Flip 5 now and targeted at a particular age group and demographic. It's been specifically designed for this.

I don't know your demographic. But the fact is that it's effective and works.

But I realise some can be annoyed enough to boycott a brand. But I personally just ignore it and move on

Hope you find something you are happy with