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Google Assistant going dark on Android 13

(Topic created on: 04-11-2022 11:35 AM)
Samsung Members Star ★

Something that has been bugging me since the first Beta release of Android 13 is that the Google Assistant always comes up dark, no matter what mode the device is in.

However, it seems that Google Assistant going dark in Android 13 is intentional...

Google Assistant going dark on Android 13 is intentional, users voice displeasure

My device... Galaxy Z Fold5 5G 12/512GB (G946B D/S) CSC EUX. Android 14. One UI 6.0
Hi @ironass, this is something I came across yesterday:-

Update 2 (November 1 , 2022)

01:11 pm (IST): Google support has confirmed that Google Assistant is not stuck in dark mode, but its an intended behavior. That means the light mode for Google Assistant is no longer available. Here’s the full statement:

Google Assistant regularly tries new ideas to see what works and what could work better. This includes ways to make our products look and feel consistent throughout our product ecosystem.

To offer a more helpful visual experience across all your devices, including Pixel Watch and Google TV, when you engage with Assistant on mobile Light mode is no longer available – it will now have a dark appearance, even if you have Dark theme turned off in your phone settings. (Source)