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Flip phone defective

(Topic created on: 30-12-2022 04:59 PM)
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Oh, samsung, was is it so difficult to organise a repair for a poorly flip phone, absolutely rubbish support under 12 months old, protective screen needs replacing. You are expected to have no phone for 10 days or travel all the way up to London from Hampshire but only can book a repair 7 days ahead. Surely, you can do better than this for a manufacturing defect!
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Hi @Bertie21 

Most accept that things can go wrong but then it's down to how a company acts to put things right that reinstalls confidence back in the product and support.

My Fold³ internal factory fitted screen protector delaminated along the crease so I gently removed it which does not invalidate the warranty and just use it as is now. 

It's a matter of opinion whether this is a " manufacturing defect  "

I totally respect your opinion on this.

In my experience most factory fitted screen protectors have eventually peeled away / failed in ssome way.

My colleagues at work has delaminated too.

I also appreciate the Fold and Flip phone's screens are of a different material thus softer than main stream slab type phone displays so people will want to be extra careful with them 👍

I use Whitestone Dome protectors on my phone's apart from my Fold³.

There are also ³rd party accessories manufacturers that supply these protectors, or one can use Samsung to go through the warranty process.

Unfortunately the turnaround timeframe can depend on a Service Centre or Samsung Experience Store being local / travel time to and back, and that they have the parts / machine to fit a new one.

Some shops are replacing the whole screen and Battery. I didn't want that for my Fold³.

Samsung UK also offer a doorstep repair service _ region dependent.

And then there is the possible delay due to how many repairs are arranged before yours.

Sending the phone Off to Samsung is an option but with the time of year things maybe delayed along with the added time of sending it away to Samsung _ the repair time frame _ and having it sent back.

One would need to have a back up phone or borrow one from someone you know.

Many have phone's sat in a drawer i.e previous upgrade, maybe.

This is why I decided just to peel mine off.

I hope you get your Flip³ dealt with as fast as possible @Bertie21 


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